A dead mall is a shopping mall with a high vacancy rate or a low consumer traffic level, which also could be deteriorating in some manner. Many malls in North America are considered "dead" when they have no surviving anchor store or successor that could attract people to the mall.

This is for the former mallrat, the urban archeologist, and Dead mall lover in everyone.  These behemoths of consumerism were a stable in the 80's and thru the late 90's. 

Whether you were there to be scene, stylin' and profilin'.  Meet up with friends.  Hang out at the arcade.  Grab a bite to eat.  Or just actually shop for records, clothes, shoes and the like.  All these things were possible at the Mall.

And Milwaukee Malls were altogether a different breed, as they all had their own "Personality" if you will.  Well the gear for those long gone icons will be here as I make it.  Small batches as usual, as I try to keep things Phresh!. 

We started off with Capitol Court Mall, and followed with Northridge.  We  look to have Grand Ave and Prospect Mall sometime in 2021.  And it looks like we just may be adding Southridge to the mix???

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