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Hey CreamCity!
I know it's hard sometimes to get a hold of my merch, but I think I create something special that everyone isn't meant to have.
I do also mess around creating merch in an effort to create a satisfying product for y'all to buy, and be PROUD to wear it.
With that being said this section is dedicated to all those prototype's that I've made. 
You may also find shirts that are down to the last sizes and colors and I don't plan a reissue to replenishment. 
Full disclosure and buyer beware, SOME of these garments (more so the prototypes) may have have a slight defect or maybe perfectly fine, but nothing egregious like burns, holes, missing sleeves or anything like that.  Either way they are prices to move.  No refunds, exchanges or returns on any item in this section.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.