The One Man Band

--------------------a word from the creator--------------------
Welcome to my shirt shop called
I've been called many things, but Logan is my name by birth.
Please take a look around! I do my best to create dope ass shirts to represent Milwaukee's past infused with the coolness and vibrancy of today.  Using outdated imagery combining that with, new patterns, fabric and styles. 
I'm feel as though I'm helping to contribute to the change I want to see. 
This is my vision of our Renaissance, Milwaukee. We (you and I) are the harbingers of a NEW MILWAUKEE, one that has SOUL, STYLE, SUBSTANCE!
Paying homage to oftentimes forgotten stalwarts of our past to create a new wave of GREATNESS in apparel form.  Never forget your know how the saying goes.
Yeah, I tend to be. And if you don't know what it means, it's simple really, The Phreshness", is a combination of our dopeness, our "sauce", "swag", "pressure" aka our "Fresh" combined with the tools we use to make our shirts which is a Heat Press.
Bam! Phreshness!
Milwaukee. Mil-Town. BrewCity. The Good City. Ill Mil. City of Festivals.  Cream City. My City.
Whatever you call this great Midwestern city we look to create a product that may reflect that certain neighborhood, your street, block or place that you grew up in. These places have their own unique FLAVOR and CHARACTER.  So let's show it! Northside Pride, Southside Pride, Eastside Pride, Westside Pride!  Let's be unapologetic-ally about Milwaukee.  Sometime right, sometimes wrong, but it's OURS.  My journey starts out with MY part of the city, the Northside, come walk with me.  Every shirt reflects and represent OUR life growing up in and living in "Tha Mil". Chances are if you aren't from here then you prolly won't know about some of the themes I useI hope you can appreciate my perspective, because it's more than just shirts.    
'Nuff said, take a look, buy em' if you like em, thanks for visiting!
CreamCity Phresh!
is a 1 man show somewhat busy but not unobtainable by phone or e-mail
located in Milwaukee, WI aka Cream City
2212 N 2nd Street
(Nestled between Brewers Hill and Bronzeville)
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 810-2690