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Welcome to CREAM CITY PHRESH!  Where attention to detail...is our retail.  
The Phresh, is a combination of Fresh and Press.  We look to make fresh shirts, using a Heat Press.  So there's that.
Please take a look around!  We create shirts to represent Milwaukee's past, present and future.
Milwaukee.  Mil-Town.  Ill Mil.  Brew City.  Cream City. My City.
Whatever you call this great midwestern city we look to create a product that may reflect that special neighborhood or place that you grew up in.  Or where you live and play, but it's plainly and unapologetically about Milwaukee.  Some shirts will reflect and represent MY life growing up in and living in"Tha Mil".  Where as if you ain't from here then you prolly won't know about it.  And if you from here be proud of it.  Change the narrative, by being the CHANGE.  This is Milwaukee Culture, it's a little different here.  I hope you can appreciate my perspective and vision to make Milwaukee proud.  
'Nuff said, take a look, buy em' if you like em, thanks for visiting!